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 Ideas, Wishes, Questions

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Моделлер, текстурщик, кодер

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1) FAQ

Q: What is the goal of WH40kFiS mod?
A: Our goal is to recreate Warhammer 40k universe on EaW engine.

Q: Are you planning to add a Story Campaign or Galactic Conquest?
A: We will defenetly add GC, and possibly the Campaign. Only space skirmish in first releases.

Q: How many races are you going to add?
A: We hope to add all races of Warhammer 40k and all of them will be
playable. But the first release will include only Chaos and Imperium.

Q: Will you make Land Battles too?
A: Ofc, but the land battles are not priority. The main focus is on
space. We are going to start development of ground combat when a space
part will contain at least 4-5 races.

Q: Will you be implamenting Space Marines or will they be a sub faction of the Imperium?
A: Yes, we will add Space Marines and other factions of the Imperium (AM
for example). Most likely they'll be subfactions of the Imperium. In GC
such factions will be available only at few planets.

Q: Will there be boarding, ramming or broadside actions?
A: Ramming and boarding - doubtly due to engine limitations. Broadsides - ofc. BFG is not BFG without epic broadsides Smile

Q: Will you add new particle effects?
A: Yes. Also we plan to change most of SFXes.

Q: How are you going to balance factions?
A: BFG rulebook is a base for balance in our mod, we will try to follow it close as possible in RTS.

Q: When will the first release come out?
A: December 2011.

Q: What will the first release include?
A: The first release will include only Imperium vs Chaos skirmish.

2) Tier Lists

Tier 1:
1) Fury Inteceptor (done)
2) Starhawk Bomber
3) Cobra Class Destroyer (done)

Tier 2:
1) Firestorm Class Frigate
2) Sword Class Frigate
3) Dauntless Class Light Cruiser

Tier 3:
1) Gothic Class Cruiser (done)
2) Tyrant Class Cruiser (done)
3) Dictator Class Cruiser(done)

Tier 4:
1) Dominator Class Battlescruiser (done)
2) Overlord Class Battlecruiser (done)
3) Mars Class Battlecruiser (done)

Tier 5:
1) Emperor Class Battleship (done)

Tier 1:
1) Swiftdeath Fighter
2) Doomfire Bomber
3) Iconoclast Class Destroyer

Tier 2:
1) Idolator Class Raider
2) Infidel Class Raider
3) Slaughter Class Cruiser (done)

Tier 3:
1) Carnage Class Cruiser (done)
2) Murder Class Cruiser (done)
3) Devastation Class Cruiser (done)

Tier 4:
1) Acheron Class Heavy Cruiser (done)
2) Hades Class Heavy Cruiser (done)
3) Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser (done)

Tier 5:
1) Despoiler Class Battleship (done)

Feel free to post any wishes/ideas/question concerning the mod in this thread.

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Ideas, Wishes, Questions
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